TPT – Dunford bridge to Hazelhead

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A late Sunday afternoon quick ride on the bikes proved harder than hoped, we planned to cut out the Penistone leg of the Trans-Pennine Trail and head from outside Penistone towards Dunford Bridge. After driving round Millhouse Green area in torrential rain finding all stopping spaces blocked off and marked as no parking for TPT we ended up driving to Dunford Bridge. As we live nearer the Penistone end we hoped to park there and cut down on the driving, riding outwards.

We took the TPT back towards Penistone, The Dunford Bridge TPT runs along the road going out into the peaks so with two smalls (furry and non-furry) heading on wasn’t an option. Despite the sun shining the sitting water on the trail and lack of mud guards made for a very wet ride. We followed the trial almost to Hazelhead and if we’d been earlier in the day we could have ridden up to Hazelhead Hall and the Avid Organics Farm shop for coffee.

With sodden backsides we returned to Dunford Bridge with plans to do it either on a drier day or with mud guards and find parking between the allocated TPT car parks of Finkle Street and Dunford Bridge which with the current small family needs are too far apart to ride between. With better views of fields and moorland it was far more scenic than riding in a railway cutting as some of the TPT.


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